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Importance of construction materials

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

 Modern days construction of any kind of buildings have become easy with private contractors pumping out the necessary materials on the construction site on time to meet up the schedule. • Have you ever wondered about the materials that your contractors are using..? • What will be the Material Strength of that particular unit..? • Will it be capable of handling the proposed weight n stresses..? • Will it be safe..? Urban serenity where all these questions can be answered with practical first hand inspection buy you. Our onsite Technical Engineers, Architects, Onsite Project manager, Onsite HR , Sales Executives & Admins will always be there to help you. Guide you and provide you the necessary information needed to understand. Our construction methods gives priority to quality over quantity. Our buildings are constructed in such a way that you wont find that kind of solid build in or near Sarjapur. Strict and stringent quality control methods which always put in place to on each and every step of the way. Hence peace of mind can be achieved. The materials are all ISI & ISO tested certified with reputed brands which provide you with sense of confidence in our buildings. Inner Urban Infra Estate Pvt Ltd is always a partner for your dream of owning home to becoming a reality. We not only builds home with bricks but with hope and dreams

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