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About Us

       We believe in creating a beautiful and sustainable habitat that can make a lasting contribution to our cities and promote a better way of life for the present and upcoming generations. With extensive experience in the arena of real estate development and a pioneering commitment to sustainability for over two decades, our team has constantly delivered projects to many clients in Bangalore and all over India.

      As a company, we believe that our most important goal is creating valued homes, strong and long-lasting buildings. Our team executes projects with an innovative approach and a positive vision for the future. Inner Urban Infra Estate is dedicated to offering a highly specialized real estate solution for those who are looking for residential properties at affordable prices. It is our aim to develop an innovative and modernized solution for our customers to pursue. Our expertise lies in offering iconic properties and investments at areas that are located close to all amenities and offer high capital returns and impressive investment yields.

Our Vision

Our team is constantly driven with the goal of building and constructing exemplary architectures to build exquisite homes at all our projects.

Managing Director

Mr. P.K. Chandrashekhar (MD)

       Mr.P.K.Chandrashekar comes with over two decades of expertise in the real estate and construction industry. This wellspring of knowledge across domains has contributed to his innate business acumen and abilities. Inner Urban business advantage bears testimony to his single-minded dedication and an unrelenting commitment to his goals.

As Managing Director Mr. P.K Chandrashekar brings to the table an entrepreneurial approach, which consistently provides fresh thinking and strategic solutions.

        A Firm Believer in operational excellence and customer satisfaction , his vision and objective through his company encompass not just building better homes or office but providing a better quality of life for people who are part of any facility he has created through the development of world-class neighborhoods that will enrich the lives of anyone living or working within these self-contained environs. He aims at making Inner Urban a top-notch organization and a name to reckon with in the property development sector.

         With all projects being completely customer-centric, he believes in ensuring that projects are developed to serve the needs of their customers and meet their satisfaction. Moreover, all his projects are well planned and executed to ensure that homes are delivered on time, every time. a virtue that he is best known for in Bengaluru. His belief goes beyond just developing innovative projects. Emphasis is always maintained on keeping up-to commitments by offering the best in class residential projects that cater to the changing urban lifestyle in Bengaluru.

       “He intends to continue his focus on innovation and maintain his present momentum on all fronts. He also intends to continue to use technologically advanced tools and processes, continue to enhance architectural, design, construction and development capabilities of Inner Urban.”

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